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Shehbaz Shareef once madly in love with Zeba Bakhtiar

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top 10 unknown facts about Zeba Bakhtiar

top 10 unknown facts about Zeba Bakhtiar 1:zeba is star both in india and PAKISTAN even Indian still love her .her father yahya bakhtiar was attorney  general of Pakistan during Bhutto’s reign 2: Her first marriage was to Salman Valliani but they later divorced. 3: Her second marriage was to a man whose name is unknown, he lived in Quetta from whom she had a daughter named Bobby. 4: The daughter was adopted by Zeba’s sister. 5:She then married Javed Jaffrey and sought separation from him. 6:Zeba denied her marriage with Javed Jaffrey in media but later he produced their Nikahnama (Marriage certificate) before the media and in the courts of India. 7:Bakhtiar then married singer Adnan Sami but divorced in 1997. They have a son together named Azaan. 8:Bakhtiar was also married to Sohail Khan Leghari. 9: He married Zeba Bakhtiar the star, and not me as a person,” she said about her marriage with Adnan 10:Zeba Bakhtiar says may consider idea of marrying again if son allowed

7 Pakistani stars who enters in Showbiz Against the will of their family members

Jin ko mere showbiz me ja ne se aetraz hai wo apne gharo se cable hata de mai showbiz chordu ga these are the words of Hassan Niazi .In an interview to Ayesha sana Hassan revealed that how much hate he face for working dramas.He asked his elders to remove cable from their homes and set an example than ask me to leave dramas and film. hassan is prominent tv actor he works less but he always prefer to do quality dramas. he is male actor but still he has to deal with the family pressure.  Sarah Umair Sarah who was called Pakistani Kareena Kapoor when she was young and just entered in showbiz glamour world.once in an interview Sarah revealed that her  family members from her Dad's side were against the decision of doing acting. Sarah's mother who was associated to ad agency giver her full support to sarah. unfortunately sarah was failed to make any impact.She use to do small roles in dramas.  Saba Qamar Saba comes from Syed Family.according to saba elders of her fami

sad stories behind successful celebrities

sad stories behind successful celebrities Ayyan 's father gives divorce to Ayyan when she was so young.She lives with her mother and brother. It was her mother who help her to test her luck in modeling, According to her father Ayyan's khala is her Taai too as she was to married to Ayyan's real Taya, Unfortunately her childhood was not like other kids. Juggan is so famous but when was young she got married to a boy who Tyrannizes her. he beats her without any reason after some times juggan leaves the guy with her son. and after her divorce Juggan stepped in showbiz world of Pakistan.She has to work hard to get roles in serials. After long period of irritation finally Juggan is living a good life, Faysal Qureshi's father died when he was so young.At that time Faysal was not financially stable and he was trying his luck but in presence of Humayun ,Adnan and other big heroes it was up hill task for Faysal to mak

which celeb looks beautiful even without any surgery or beauty treatment

''Jo Dikhta Hai Wo Bikta hai'' this Urdu idiom is perfectly describes the showbiz world.As most of the people  want to see beautiful faces on out television screens so some actors have to work hard to look good. In order to maintain there beauty actors visits plastic surgeons and skin specialist. here i have upload some clicks of celebs who looks so good without make up.

celebrities who married to much more younger guys to them and living happily

Yasra and Abdulhadi yasra is talented and very mature actress.she c got her education from America and her most play on tv these days is Baji Irshad .During this drama Hadi proposed Yasra . Yasra who told in her interview that she is 10 years older than her future husband. He clear his stance that he is ten years younger than her !but he have no issue..If Our Prophet (S.A.W) can marry Hazrat Khadija (R.A) while there was a dfrnce ov 15 years between them..!!than why can't we..!! celebrities who are younger than their wives by ncy9 Jana and Nauman jana was only 13 year old when she started her acting career.Jana has done several hit serials and she is also a  professional actress . Nauman is 34 years old now and i dont know real age of jana but its true that jana is older than nauman. I pray for them a very happy n bless life

Those celebrities whose relatives have commit suicide

Those celebrities whose relatives have commit suicide  Salil Ankola former India Cricket Team Member and Actor Salil is famous indian actor and former cricketer, he has toured Pakistan in 1988- 1989 and debut in the same match in which both waqar and sachin were seen first  time in any international match. Parinita Ankola his first wife ,  46, was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her Geeta Society apartment . Parinita and Ankola divorced in 2011, and  they have a daughter and son. Salil is married again living happily with ria bennergee. Salil was also suffering from depression. Asha Bhosle versatile singer and legend of  subcontinent  exceptional playback  singer Asha Bhosle's daughter Varsha Bhosle,  who was 56 year old at time of her death , shot herself at their residence. Asha who was seen judging different singing competitions was in shock after knowing about her daughter's death. after Versha's death Asha is not judging any reality show and not