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Marlboro Man dead: Star of iconic cigarette ads Eric Lawson dies from chronic lung disease

Eric becomes the third Marlboro Man to succumb to a smoking-related illness Adverts: Eric Lawson was one of Marlboro's famous cowboys in the 1970s Actor Eric Lawson has become the third Marlboro Man cowboy to die of a smoking illness, it was revealed today. Lawson, 72, had played the rugged puffing character in the cigarette adverts for three years in the late 1970s. Dozens of real-life cowboys, rodeo riders and actors have played the Marlboro Man in various guises from massive billboards signs, TV adverts and even on the back playing cards. Two of them, David Millar died of emphysema in 1987, and David McLean, said to have had to smoke five packs a day to give him that “ rugged” look,passed away from lung cancer in 1995. Wayne McLaren died from lung cancer aged 51 in 1992 after he had appeared in promotional pictures for Marlboro and had sued manufacturers Philip Morris. The cowboy look was first brought in 1954 to give the filter cigarette