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Geo Blasphemy attempt in Morning Show - MUST WATCH

بالکل ٹھیک کہا ہے آپ نے وہ بے غیرتی ہی تھی۔ کیسے کم بخت لوگ ہیں۔ ذرا الفاظ پہ غور کریں یہ کون سی جاہل عوام ہیں جو ان کی جہالت کا ساتھ دے رہے ہیں؟ لڑکا ہے خدا کہ گھر کا لڑکی ہے نبی کے گھر کی استغفراللہ ایسے لوگوں پہ آسمان ٹوٹ کہ کیوں نہیں گر جاتا۔ لعنت ایسے پروگرام پہ اور ان میں آنے والوں پر اور ان پر جو صبح صبح ان بے غیرت لوگوں کو دیکھتے ہیں۔ Geo Blasphemy attempt in Morning Show - MUST WATCH by amanasif737

Young acting sensation Sanam Jung

with family with sisters

Sheheryar Munawar The new heartthrob of Pakistan

Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui is the famous and upcoming actor and model of Pakistan. He was born on 9th of August 1988 in Karachi, Pakistan. Sheheryar has started his career for the media industry of Pakistan in the year of 2013 and during a very period of time he has achieved unusual respect and success. His father is the PAF officer; he is a very cool minded and decent person. He has two brothers and one sister; but unfortunately his elder brother is no more in this world. during the shooting of zindagi gulzar hai on the location of ZGH As far as we concerned about his personal life, he complete his A-Level from South-shore School and after he successfully completed his graduation from Institute of Business Administration Karachi. He is new in this industry and very much concerned about his career, until yet we have not found any of his scandal or relationship with any co-actress. His dedication toward his work gives him unusual success. Sheheryar Munawa

Aunn Zara all set to hit Indian screens it will air on ZEE India with the all official telecasting rights!

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Celebrities who lost their dear ones

saba qamar ke father ki death us waqt hui jab saba ko hosh bhi nahi tha agha ali ke walid sirf 32 sal ke the jab unka inteqal hua.agah ali ke lia wo dor beinteha mushkilat ka jab unke walid ka inteqal hua wo aala education hasil ker na chahte the per nahi ker sake badqismati se .Aghah ne is field me bhet mehnat ki aage ane ke lia agha aksar kehte hai ke field me unhe inayat hussain bhatti ya waseem abbas ka rishtedar hone ka koi faida nahi hua wo jo kuch bhi hai apni mehnat ki waja hai. jb beren 17 sal ki thi unke boy friend ka inteqal ho gya tha aik road accident me pichle sal babar khan ki beewi aik raod accident me unse bicher gi thi 2013 december me sheheryar ke bhai asfand yar inteqal ker gae the Elder sister of Syra  " Ruqaiya" passed away few years back. May Allah bless her family with courage and May the soul of the deceased rest in peace (ameen) Khalda Riasat jo ke senior  ayesha khan ki behen bhi thi jinhone 80 ki dehai ke dramas