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Media And Society

In the history of evolution of states in world, Pakistan is a novice and is proceeding gradually towards prosperity and  betterment at national and regional state. In contemporary era, media has earned the status of Power. In democracies, media is viewed as a powerful tool for molding public opinion in a civilized manner. Governments, before taking any major policy decisions take consent of its population through opinion polls and surveys. Media also acts as a projectile to highlight the core issues of a society. Despite being ruthlessly powerful,  Media is not free from aberrations. Media in Pakistan focuses only on the breaking news and for the sake of acquisition of more esteem, compromised a large deal. Lionization of Indian and Turkish culture drama and reality shows, media in fluxed acceptance of sleeveless, dupatta -less culture in our society. in recent past, such dressing sense was related to a particular chunk of population. In current times, it has become in vogue. Along wi