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lets see how many actors are cousins in showbiz

In our previous post we have told you that who is star kid and sibling in our showbiz industry but in this post i have tried to inform you about cousins of Pakistani showbiz era.It seems like that in showbiz every star is relative of another star but i am sure after you have a look on this post your information about stars will be increased. Suneeta and Bineeta are also causins Madiha and farooq are cousins Indian actor Amir Khan is cousin of Ayesha Fazli wife of Ali zafar actor Imran Abbas and model  Hassan Naqvi are cousins Sonia Jahan and Ahmed Ali butt are cousins Ali Abbas and Agah Ali are cousins Sanam and Fahad are also cousins Daughter of bushra ansari meera is cousin of actor shahood alvi former tv actress Laila and Maria are cousins Shehroza is cousin of Momal and Shehzad Noor and Sana Osman and Rabia are cousins Saima and Faisal are cousins Ushna Shah and Faiza Gellani are cousins  award winning writer