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Pakistani Actresses who Likes to Live in their Limits

showbiz is the world of glamour where everyone wants to be at the number 1 place for that they have to do some compromises for gaining more fame and money but only few names who never compromises on their ethics and I am talking about top 6 Pakistani actresses however they belongs to showbiz but always dresses decent and never pretend like fake on screen. no6. Samiya Mumtaz what a simple lady with lot of grace and innocence.I Have noticed she is mostly working in selective dramas and in her drama the way she look is just amazing she has no fake smile no fake expressions and she is only doing everything according to scripts.                        no5.Reema Khan what an lovely lady oh she is just ruling in the hearts of people in Paksitan.the way she has groomed her self is just phenomenal.her accent her way of presenting her on screen has won hearts of everyone.i think she is really deserving  title  of The real Shining Face of Pakistani Women.nobody can say

Shahid Afridi sai hum bilkul pareshan nahi hain!

Fawad Khan and Mahira again together in tv show