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Pakistani famous girls who became victem of domestic Violence and physical torture

Juggan is Canadian nationality holder.before becoming an actress she tied the knot with a guy who use to abuse her on daily basis and thats why her first marriage was end on a sad note. saba galadari who adnan sami khan's second wife.she has filled a case against adnan in Indian court  that adnan use to beat her. Ahmad Butt is the guy who make humaira arshad upset.As we all know humaira is a well know lahore based singer Humaira has bear ahmed for past 7 years but at that time she cant able to do more compromise to save their marriage.according to humaira ahmad use beat her and black mail her,he was involve with other girls too. multan based stage actress sofia has also raised her voice in media about her husband's aggressive behavior with her. Sheerin Shah's X husband was a fraud he  wants to take advantage of sheerin's name.He demands money from sheerin's showbiz circle's friend on behalf of her soon sheerin realize that he is not