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Katy Perry faces YouTube ban after Muslim backlash over new music video because it features an Allah-inscribed necklace being disintegrated

A Muslim man has launched a petition asking YouTube to remove Katy Perry's new video from their site because it shows her disintegrating a man wearing a pendant which reads 'Allah'. In the Dark Horse video Perry plays a princess in ancient Egypt trying to chose a male suitor. One by one the suitors arrive with gifts which displease the princess, and the men are turned into sand by lightning Perry shoots from her fingers. By modern standards Perry's new offering could have been considered tame, but has sparked controversy after Shazad Iqbal noticed the first suitor wearing a necklace which reads 'Allah.' Scroll down for video Shazad Iqbal has launched a petition calling for Katy Perry's latest video to be taken down from YouTube after he noticed a pendant with the world 'Allah' in Arabic being disintegrated In the video Perry plays an Egyptian princess looking for a suitor but disintegrates each one when they displease her The first man