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best novel based Hum tv dramas

I think Hum tv is best drama channel of Pakistan.And i realy appreciate the way Hum tv progresses. I can surely say that without Humtv the revival of Pakistan drama would be imposible. I am a proud veiwver of Humtv dramas especially Humtv's magical novel based drama.Their novel based dramas are just indescribable  and incredible for me. I am speechless. i am searching for  those words in which i could appreciate Hum tv's hard work. Mam Sultana Sidique who give the chance of  writing good stories for dramas to unexceptional writers like Umera Ahmed , farhat ishtiaq Humsafar fame. samira fazal and others and today humtv's success story is unbeatable .In the biggening they take good novel to make drama on them and give boos up to the television industry in Pakistan here i have brew some awesome drama serial of hum tv based on best novels of Pakistan