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Celebrities after being jobless forced to do petty jobs

famous people who compelled to do petty jobs after decline of their career 1.A few years ago, it was discovered by a private TV channel that Pakistan’s star squash player was selling chips on a road-side. 2.Recently, more stories like the aforementioned are emerging by the day. Of Pakistan’s once Olympian Bicyclist driving a rickshaw and offering to sell his medals, a national heavy-weight lifter is also living a life of poverty and has put his medals and awards for sale to earn money. 3.Pakistan’s young boxer from Quetta who participated in many national and foreign boxing events is now working at a burger shop for minor  amount of money to earn bread and butter for his family while his foreign peers reach new heights of glory everyday. ALSO READ THIS Should this kind of games girls should play on a National TV ? 4,Pakistani Cricketer Arshad Khan was seen driving uber taxi in Australia .Arshad Khan was the same bowler who took wicket of Tendulkar in two one day i