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sad stories behind successful celebrities

sad stories behind successful celebrities Ayyan 's father gives divorce to Ayyan when she was so young.She lives with her mother and brother. It was her mother who help her to test her luck in modeling, According to her father Ayyan's khala is her Taai too as she was to married to Ayyan's real Taya, Unfortunately her childhood was not like other kids. Juggan is so famous but when was young she got married to a boy who Tyrannizes her. he beats her without any reason after some times juggan leaves the guy with her son. and after her divorce Juggan stepped in showbiz world of Pakistan.She has to work hard to get roles in serials. After long period of irritation finally Juggan is living a good life, Faysal Qureshi's father died when he was so young.At that time Faysal was not financially stable and he was trying his luck but in presence of Humayun ,Adnan and other big heroes it was up hill task for Faysal to mak