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Pyaray Afzal Episode 31 - 1st July 2014

10 Pakistani Celebrities who look much older than they really are

Aging is  subject to several elements thus not all the people ages in the same manner or at the same pace.However,Sometime we can't help but wonder on the reality that  unequivocal celebrities are so young. For example, ''Dastaan'' brave lady (Bano)  Sanam baloch is reportedly 27 year old,which absolutely blow your mind.We all know that the world is full of non believers. one of the most acknowledged actress Sanam Baloch is actually 27 year old but looks little bit old. Naheed Shabbir very experianced tv actress but she is only 35 year old but she has not carry herself in good manner thats why now a these days we watching her in 50 year old lady's role According to wikipedia Sohai Ali Abro is only 20 years old but no one can believe on that.She is so mature in her looks. Arjumand Raheem she is 38 year old.She is tall and modern age woment but she looks above  forties sister of famous actor shamoon abbasi Anushay is only 28 but

a feature about Umera Ahmed's writing style

There is no need to introduce Umera Ahmed as her name is not  new for her fans. if i say that umera ahmed is the writer of decade then its not wrong anyway .Her exceptional work for the revival of Pakistani dramas will never be forgotten. when i read one of her fab novel "zindagi gulzar hai" it clicked my mind and i thought that it should be dramatized. I must say Umera Ahmed is one of the  few persons who have changed people's mind about girl's education. Umera Ahmed has won  hearts more than awards and i think this is the unremarkable achievement for any person who is living in people's heart.Now a these days not only girl like to disscuss her story but boys are also love to share there opinion about Umera's stories. Her most famous story is Peer -E- Kamil. Reader of Umera's wish to see Peer E Kamil's story based drama serial with hight profile cast and crew but this is Umera Ahmed who request all the producers and director to do not make dram