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List of Celebrities Incidents That Shows They Are Not Patriotic

Do you want to know the list of the celebrities incidents that shows that they are patriotic? Well if yes then without wasting any time just scroll down! Best and Top List of Celebrities Incidents That Shows They Are Patriotic: 1.       Firstly we will be talking about famous film star Reema Khan! Once Reema Khan went to India to attending their Zee Tv Awards and at the ceremony she stated that “dil dil Pakistan jan jan India”. Well this statement by Reema Khan was not appreciated a lot by the fans and Pakistani media but when the award night was telecast on the TV screens then this small line by the actress was edited that eventually hurts her a lot. But till that point the whole nation get to know that what actually she spoke that actually implicates her double game policy for the Pakistan. 2.       In the next we have the name of Ali Zafar! Ali Zafar has become the shining star of the Bollywood! Keeping this popularity in mind when Peshawar Attack took place this singer