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Fawad Afzal Khan Biography

Fawad Afzal Khan Biography Fawad  Khan is a Pakistani singer, model and actor who is considered to be most talked Pakistani celebrity after Atif Aslam. He was born on 29 November 1981 in Lahore. Fawad completed A-Level from LGS Lahore, and then he completed his Bachelor’s Degree from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST). His star is Sagittarius and his eye color is brown. Fawad Afzal Khan is married to Sadal Fawad from 2005 till now. Sadaf and Fawad met in 1998 at the age of 17, Fawad proposed Sadaf although they got married after 7 years in 2005. Fawad loves his wife very much and they had a beautiful son named Ayaan who is now 5 years old. Fawad Khan Showbiz Career Fawad Afzal Khan is said to be the chocolaty hero of Pakistani industry. His first project was JUTT and BOND which was not quite a success. Suddenly after that he was casted by Shoaib Mansoor in his first movie KHUDA KA LIYA. This movie was a huge hit and became the

Pakistani famous Twin sisters and Twin brothers

Pakistani famous Twin sisters and Twin brothers adnan shah tipu with his triplets shan shaid with his triplets  hammad and faraz both are twin brothers minal and aeman having a selfie minal and aeman the twins and they are studying in Beheria in karachi zyla sarhadi is zahle sarhadi's twin sister zahle and zyla selfie Alicia and Annie Sorell are identical twin actresses who write and star in Movie Twins ahsan khan 's twin brother Hamad and Faraz twins Minal and Aeman twin sister They were the most reliable twin cricketer brothers of Australian team whose partnership on field helps Australia to win many matches. Max and Charles Carver are American actors best known for playing the older Scavo twin brothers, on the tv show Desperate Housewives.

Top Famous celebrities who ended their marriage !

We all know, when our granny or “ami -abu” tell us beta, there is a time for every one, you will get your life partner, after all marriages are made in heaven, but some times it does not made for this “Dunya” we have seen so many people who hooked up and later we heard news of their breakup/divorce , its sounds very easy by just saying three words, which ruin your life of just some reason, in our Pakistan, it is called the worst part specially for females, people always blame to female as compared to male, there are so many famous people who got divorce due to their family problem , some people don’t want to quit their profession just for their family , and some people want independent life not by bearing whole life for some one. Here are the following people whom you also like it and inspire them a lot 1:IMRAN KHAN & JEMIMA Imran Khan and Jemima also had to pass through that phase of life when they accepted that things were not going well as they ought to. The nine