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Mathira's husband's pictures leaked

we have manage get picture of Mathira's real life husband.There are so many people who thinks that Mathira's new born baby boy is illegal but that not true,Mathira is married and her marriege was secret for all of us anyhow its her personal matter but to   tell people truth about Mathira's new born baby we have upload picture of her Husband. from the day when the news of Mathira's new born baby was spread on social media everyone thinks that this is Mathira's illegal baby and for this people abusing Mathira but i hope with these picture everyone should know that her baby is legal

lets see whats is happening in celebrities life

Fawad Afzal Khan is busy in promoting his up coming movie across the border. Mathira blessed with a  baby boy Recently Ayza and Danish tied the knowt and now they are happily married Shenera Waseem,Ayesha Ali Zafar and Mehreen Raheel all excpecting their Babies Sadia Imam blessed with Baby Boy Syra Shehroz has take break from dramas on temporary basis to concentrate on her New born Baby Nima Khan recovers from road accident and now she is fine 3 former top actresses were seen together sara choughdry aka Laiba,Arooj Nasir and sataish khan Sanam jung appointed as Jago Pakistan jago's new morning show host The veteran Radio, TV , Stage , Theater & Film artist Maqsood Hassan, whose career spanned nearly 50 years, died of a heart attack in Karachi.