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Sajal Aly's real and Fake boy Friend's episode take new turn

Few weeks ago there was a rumour spread on social media that Sajal Aly is having affair with vj cum actor Feroze Khan  brother of  Humaima Malik and Dua Malik but  actually they were false rumour. In reality Sajal and Feroze are doing a project together which will be soon onair on a private tv channel.Project pictures of Sajal and Feroze became viral on facebook with other social sites which give  the wrong gesture that both are in love.During all that Sajal's picture with Feroze in his sister's wedding were also highlite on social media which bacame proove of scandle that Sajal and Feroze are seriously in love  here i am again clear that in reality Sajal is not in love with Feroze they both are just working together they are not in any relationship. According to our suorces someone very close to Sajal told us that '' There are rumours that she is dating Feroze Khan,but those are false,they are just working together...But this is her boy friend not new.She has bee

See how Pakistani celebrities look when they gain weight

It seems like  Obesity is one of those issues which has become universal now.Weight gain problem is not only with normal people but it also affect showbiz and sports personalities too. When famous celebrities use to have more comfortable life style they are also having trouble with their weight.Celebrities are also humanbeings like us and weight issuue can be a problem with everyone. There are few Pakistani stars also who gained weight for sometime but than they conrtrol their weight through strict diet and excercise.Top tv actresses like Sanam Jung, Sanam Baloch and Mehreen Raheel have also gained some weight but soon they back into shape by hard work.In male actors Faisal Qureshi,Asad Malik, Humayun Saed and Ejazz Aslam have also take care of their diet if they not take care about what they are eating soon they became chubby and nobody will consider them for lead character in dramas Here i have search some pictures of Pakistan stars in which they looking little bit chubby. A

10 surreptitious flanks behind the personality of Umera Ahmed

Umera Ahmed; is among the to writer list of Pakistani television industry these days.Her scripts for Meri Zaat Zara-E-Benishan,Mano Salwa and Daam wese outstandingly admired  by the audiance. Here i have brew some secrets about Umera Ahmed's iconic personality. 1.Umera Ahmed Has done masters in english litrature. 2.Recently Umera Ahmed has tied the knowt with Arsam Aftab .Her husband is teachre at civil services academy. 3. She has also done taching at Army Public college, Sialkot. 4. Umera Ahmed is the only writer who never give the premission to producer and director to change  the original sript and she never allow drama makers to put vulgarity in her play. 5.Her very first Television appearance for Indus Tv Awards but on her request Indus tv has cut that clip of this award function in which she appeared. 6.Umera Ahmed is a private person she never want to give any television appearance according to sources Umera is strictly follow Pardah. 7.Her very first tv play