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Famous Pakistani Celebs who are spending thier vacations at relaxing places in world

it seems liek that london is  the most favourite spot for our celebrities to spend thier  summer vacations.Most of stars are enjoying,  shopping and  rambling in beautifull places of world like Itly,Turkey and America here we brought some picture of actors and sportstars who are realy rejoice themselves Amina Shaikh now a days in america Adeel hussain is spent vacation in america along with Marina khan and other actor Mawra recently come from  america whe she spent some quality moments Aenny Jaffri with her husband enjoying honemoon period in UK Hamza at Hunza valley the switzerland of Asia.Hamza give more priority to Pakistan Shaista Wahidi now these days at Qatar with her kids Ali zafar with his wife he is also in london Fahad Mustafa with his cute daughter, enjoying vacation in Italy! now a these days Veena is enjoying summer with her husband Asad khatad. Mehwish Hayat on world tour