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Ignominious act that shows Elite class have no Concern whith Pindling situation in Pakistan

few days back i have read in local news paper that PM nawaz spent a buzy day with his family  at farm house but the shocking news  for me that 2 guarde were fired becuade they have eaten 2 guava from the royal stirrup. just becuase they eat 2 guavas from the royal meal they were fired unbeliveable do you know that Maryam Nawaz spend 5o thousand rupeer  per dy for her beauty treatment . so called daughter of Pakistan is going  to London for treatment of minor injury on her foot  on the Apportionment Of Costs   of goverment of Pakistan.Her example is just like princess and the pea who can't tolerate the pain of minor bruise CM Shehbaz getting his fitting done at republic by omer faroom it seema like that servent of punjab is biggest zealous of branded cloths and he don't care about needs of nation halloween celebration in Pakistani educational institute if today Allama Iqbal will be alive he must be love to go back to his grave after watching that how the

Mahnoor Baloch with her daughter and husband