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12 Things You Dont Know About Sanam Jung Humtv's New Morning Show Host

1 Sanam Jung's date of   birth is 28th oct 1988 2 Sanam has four sisters 3 Sanam cant say no to her father she loves her father and she obey him as well 4 For Sanam Love.fondness and respect are best gifts for her 5 Sanam is one of youngest female morning show host  and now these days Sanam is work as host of Jago Pakistan jago 6 Sanam has denied all the rumours about her marriage with Waqar Zaqa,even according to Sanam she doesen't know Waqar. 7 Sanam has started her career as vj ,when she was in her BBA's first year she was got her first offer to work as vj on tv. 8 Sanam is new generation's confident girl but most of her character in dramas are kind of innocent girl and this just because she is cute and innocent in her looks. 9 Sanam Loves to shoot indoor,as she can enjoy more while shoot indoor. 10 Sanam's eye color is black. 11 Her real hieght is 5.5 12 Sanam is all rounder she has work as vj,host anc actress.