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the most sweetest and cutest children of Pakistani Celebrities

Today i come with list of most sweetest ,cutest and natuaraly beautyful babies of our charasmatic  celebrities.There are so many celebs who are excpecting  like Mehreen Raheel.Sheneera Waseem,and Ayesha Fazli wife of famous singer Ali Zafar and so many celebs who became parents of new born babies like Syra Shehroz ,Kunwat  Fatyma and Atif   Sara and all their babies were seen on social media so this time i dicide to upload some picture of famous celebrities kids. Shaan with daughters Faysal Qureshi's duaghter Ayat beautyful mother Fatima Kanwar Effandi with son adoreable Mahira Khan with son Azlan stylish Diva Suneeta Marshal with her kids Nooreh Syra Shehroz's new born baby actor Shamyl Khan with his kids Mikaal Zulfiqar's duaghter on her first birthday