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Mehreen Raheel Munir celebrated her baby shower

female celebrities who left showbiz after they got married

As we know marraige is the most important part of everyone and every married lady's biggest priority is her marride life.Just like normal girls actresses are also have dream of family so when actresses got married they leave showbiz.There are very few names in my mind who prefer to work after they got married and today i come with name of female actresses who are now busy in their personal life and have sacrifice their careers for their life partner and children. 1.SARA CHOUGHDRY  Former actress Sarah has left showbiz just after she got married 2.SATAISH KHAN Just like Sarah Sataish is also one of those celebs who left working in showbiz after just got married 3.SADIA IMAM   One of the most experianced tv actress Sadia has tied the knowt with germany based Pakistani and    after get married Sadia left showbiz and now a these days Sadia is excpecting a baby 4.AENNY JAFFRY   Its not confirmed but young lady Aenny has just left working in dramas on temporariry basis w

21 desi celebrities who were born in other countries

1 Sara Loren was born in Kuwait city,Kuwait 2 actor Noor Hassan was born in tripoli city of Libya 3 Ahsan Khan was born in England 4 Aamina Shiekh was born in New York, America 5 former actor Rahat Kazmi was born in Simla, India 6 Adnan Sami Khan was born in London,UK 7 Zain Malik is also half Pakistani as his father belongs to Pakistan. 8 Juggan own Canadian nationality 9 Mikaal Zulfiqar was born in London UK 10 Ayyan Ali born in Dubai 11 Maria wasti was born in Tanzania 12 Mathira was born in Zimbabwe 13 Sanam Saed was Born in United Kingdom 14 Mahnoor Baloch was born in USA and she own Canadian citizenship  too 15 Hina Sultan was born in Saudi Arabia 16 Sanam Ch was born in Saudi Arabia 17 Qurat Ul Ain was born in Iran 18 Muhammad Ali Shiekhi was born in Iran 19 Armeena Rana Khan was born in Canada 20 Member of Junoon Group  Brain O'Connell  was born in USA 21 Zaid Ali was born in Canada