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celebs who are bald actually

zahid ahmed when he was bald  zahid ahmed after hair transplant surgery  Zahid Ahmed has undergone hair transplantation. Do You Know Zahid Ahmed was once bald before he tried his luck in dramas.

Love Jehad and Hindu Muslim Celebrity Marriage

according to observation of some Indian critics soon the population of Muslims will increase in India even more then Hindus.Because in India Hindu Muslim marriage is common now. as you can see almost all big muslim filmstars marry hindu girls and top leading hindu actors marry muslim girls in India.Thats why indian media introduce the term ''love Jehad''.In India specially in mega cities people became open minded and they dont hesitate in marrying some body from different religion. But some narrow minded people force hindu boys to marry muslim girls and they discourage hindu girls to marry muslim guys.In this post i want to tell how many actor marry people who belongs to Islam  Religion World's second biggest Religion after Christianity. 1 Amir khan marry kiran Rao 2 Imran khan nephew of amir khan marry awantika 3 Sussanne  Khan daughter of sanjay khan marry Hritik Roshan 4 Arshad Warsi marry a christian girl Maria 5 Sunil Shetty marry a muslim girl

Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Supporting Same Sex Marriage

Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Supporting Same Sex Marriage Their are so many showbiz actors who were seen in gay parties in Karachi ,Lahore and Islamabad.unfortunately same sex Marriage spreading like cancer in our society as so many actors are involve in such activities.even their are some showbiz girls too who were having affairs with female make up artists,big director and producers force people to do what they want. in this post i am saying that people who support same sex marriage they must be gay or lesbian in real life its their own verdict to support same sex marriage bill which was passed in USA.In the end i want to say be your self but don't commit any sin by interacting with any male if you want satisfaction . Shehzad Roy's wife Salma Alam is another supporter of same sex marriage .salma was former vj and wife of singer shehzad roy. ayesha fazli support gay marriage by changing her facebook  id's profile picture in  lgbt's rainbow color