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mehwish hayat refuse to work with maria wasti

according to local newspaper agency Mehwish Hayat is not interested in working with Maria Wasti in a drama.Now a these day Mehwish Hayat's career is full of  success.Every brand wants Mehwish to endorse their products and now she is in that position to make the decision with whom she should work. Mehwish has clear producer that due to Maria's irresponsible behavoiur on sets she is no more keen to work with Maria Wasti.Both Maria Mehwish have worked together in Hum tv's drama Lerki Chahye.Before thar few other big name of television industry have also decided that they will never work with Maria Wasti again including Ayesha Khan. Even though on the request of Mehwish Hayat producers are also thinking to replace Maria Wasti with some other actress because producer feels that Mehwish Hayat is the no 1 choise for the character of their under production drama serial which will be soon onair on a private channel. once a opon a time when Maria Wasti daughter of former actress rul