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Top 10 Most Ever Famous Fashion Designers Of All Times

Top 10 Most Ever Famous Fashion Designers Of All Times Fashion designing is all getting rage! We have these now bunch of high fashion designers ! Here at this post, just have a look at the best of all fashion designers of all times! 10 – Yves Saint Laurent He just became popular due to his creativity, he was just into redesigning the clothes, he was famous because of his feminine wardrobe for women. He is one of the most famous fashion designers in France, He introduced power dressing for women like that of “power suits” in the year 1966. He is the one who knows the real meaning of fashion designing. 09 – Pierre Cardin He is this Italian-born Frenchman of 20th century, it is his creations that took on an air of all kinds of futurism. He is quite known for his bubble dresses, it is his clothes that showed a freedom, expression, highlighted our larger ideals. If we rank all fashion designers, then he is the best one of all! 08 – Tom Ford Tom Ford is one of the most f

Pakistani Dramas Actors Who Deserve A Second Chance

The biggest reason behind decline of any Pakistani Dramas actor in Pakistan is that he started doing so many dramas at the same time.When actor appears on every channel he lost his value and audience become bored seeing same actor in every second drama on tv. I have seen so many talented girls and guys who have lost their charm as they appeared in so many Pakistani Dramas in same time. Television  is medium of youth and most of the youth want to see new faces in every drama but when our directors cast  Pakistani Dramas actors in those character which are not written for them so people loose their interest in drama and start hating  the actor. Pakistani Dramas Actors Who Deserve A Second Chance.There are some hard working actors who deserve a second chance to prove themselves in Pakistani Dramas.I have chosen some names who deserves definitely another chance . Well in this article i want to discuss those actor who are talented brilliant but due to their bad luck they do not got r

Is Salman Khan really Coming to Pakistan for a cause

Is Salman Khan REALLY Coming To Pakistan For THIS?   After Geeta made an appearance on Amir Liaquat’s show, it seemed as if Bajrangi Bhaijaan was inspired by real life events. If you have watched the recent Bollywood blockbuster then you must know that it follows a story of a young, mute girl from Pakistan who gets lost in India. Now just reverse the roles. Geeta, an Indian, mute girl, is lost in Pakistan and she is dying to go back to her family. The news went viral and Munni finally got to meet her Bajrangi. Geeta, a 23 years old girl who has been staying at Edhi since the age of 3, talked to Salman Khan through an Indian TV show called ‘The Buck Stops Here’. The actor said, ‘I would first like to thank Bilquis Bibi and Edhi for taking care of this girl for so many years’, He further added, ‘She looks so good, it’s like you took care of her like your own child. We just hope that when she comes back she receives just as much love from her parents.’ When Salman Khan as

Shoaib Malik and Shaista Lodhi Dubsmash going Viral on Social Media

Shoaib Malik and Shaista Lodhi Dubsmash going Viral on Social Media Shoaib Malik and Shaista Lodhi Dubsmash going... by zemtv