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see how many celeberities are arrogant we have in our showbiz industry

List of Stories That Shows Showbiz Celebrities Are Proudy There is no doubt about the fact that showbiz celebrities do have the sense of proud touch in their personality just because of the reason that they are quite a lot different from ordinary people But that’s not the just fact! If we give a look around the showbiz world then there are so many examples that comes into view that showcase out that how showbiz celebrities make them appear as arrogant among their fans. Do you want to know some interesting showbiz celebrities proud stories? • Our famous showbiz celebrity Atiqa Odho was called on the Karachi railway station for the shooting of the serial! But she straight-forwardly refuses the offer just because of the reason that she thinks that appearing in the lower class areas like railway station will be in opposition with her reputable personality. Don’t you think it’s her attitude? • In the same way another famous celebrity Rubina Ashraf was asked to join the