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Actress Jana Malik T- Shirt Controversy Spread On Social Media

Here is Picture which is spreading on Internet Actress Ayesha Omer also became the part of protest; she also wore this kind of dress in her drama “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”. But she apologized for this and said that she wanted to change her shirt before shooting, but the director asked her not to change this T-shirt. She further said that it was just a cartoony shirt which was gifted to her by her friends and she didn’t mean to entertain people, while wearing this T-shirt in drama.   Jana should ask her apologize to Allah for her mischievous activity and should not try again to wear these types of dresses. Actors should think about it, that they are Muslims and they should remain in their limit. They should not try to make the fun of their religion.


MERE 1 2 by desisajid MM 22 by desisajid

javeria soud fake wedding pics

Mehreen Raheel Wedding

Have a Look Please

Have a Look Please Looo jeee Pakistan mae " MAHA RAJA " " ALAM PANAH " jaisi SHAHANA zindgi guzarny waly kis teran UK ki roads per " KHAL KHUWAR " ho rahy hain .... abb please yeah mat kehna ke yeah " PAKISTAN ke WASEH tar MULKI MUFAD " ji khatir aesa ker rahy hain....

Top 10 beautiful actresses in Pakistan

Mahnoor at the age of 45 still on number position 2 age 35 but full marks to her beauty  3  the most chraming girl we have in showbiz  4  American born Pakistani actress toughes sky of success 5 an exaptional beauty a girl who is just perfect for film worl 6 the noughtiest and lovelies sparkling beauty Mawra on 6 famous for her bulging eyes nonother than the bubly sajal aly 7 the girl who make her mark in showbiz on her own at7 position   8 how ever she is notogeloius for her boldnes in media but she  is truly  beauty so she is on nomber 8 spot 9 famous for her character cindrella on number 9 spot 10 prefect package for film industry 10 the actress who has just ruined her beauty by some plastic treatments unfortunately she is fail tomaintain her 4 spot

best dramas of Humtv

Humsafar has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics. Many hail it as the revival of Pakistani Television. [8] [9] Overall, however, the series has gained a very large audience internationally. The Humsafar page on Facebook reveals thousands of European and North American fans and viewers, with many saying they've never watched a Pakistani drama but are completely hooked on Humsafar . [10] Many have praised the acting, particularly the roles Fawad Afzal Khan and Mahira Khan , as being outstanding with regards to character growth and emotion. Naveen Waqar , who plays Sara, has gained instant success despite this being her acting debut. In addition, it has become the most watched drama in Pakistani media history. [11] HUM TV never officially released the TRPs, but as per sources (TVKahani) the last episode created record by recording a TRP of 13.8. The show averaged trp of 9.5-11 during the run. It also got critical acclaim and received 4.5 stars on TVKaha