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Pakistani Dramas actors at Shehzad Raza's birthday Party

Aisi Tesi Hypocrisy Song Shocked Entire India

Aisi Tesi Hypocrisy Song Shocked Entire India by shoxee1

Sajal Ali danced in showbiz wedding

Sajal Ali Dance On Sister Wedding Official... by m5870696 Sajal ali dance video by RDDDDDDD

Homemade masks for dark circles

Homemade masks for dark circles Dark circles are mainly referred as dark discoloration of skin under the eyes. The skin around our eyes is very thinner and delicate. This area has no oil glands and it requires a lot of care .One of the worst thing that can happen to your face is dark circles around the eye. It is also name as dark shadows or dark rings. It can be due to millions of reasons; that can be improper diet, excessive use of computer, illness, mental or physical stress, nutritional deficiencies, or due to lack of sleep. Dark circles can be at early age; although it is also very common in older people. In order to prevent dark circles one should eat balanced and nutritious diet. Including salads, yogurt, fresh fruits,cottage cheese, skimmed milk, beans and other green vegetables  .you should also drink a lot of water ,take vitamins and adequate sleep is also very important because due to lack of sleep our skin become paler. Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes are