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Those celebrities whose relatives have commit suicide

Those celebrities whose relatives have commit suicide  Salil Ankola former India Cricket Team Member and Actor Salil is famous indian actor and former cricketer, he has toured Pakistan in 1988- 1989 and debut in the same match in which both waqar and sachin were seen first  time in any international match. Parinita Ankola his first wife ,  46, was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her Geeta Society apartment . Parinita and Ankola divorced in 2011, and  they have a daughter and son. Salil is married again living happily with ria bennergee. Salil was also suffering from depression. Asha Bhosle versatile singer and legend of  subcontinent  exceptional playback  singer Asha Bhosle's daughter Varsha Bhosle,  who was 56 year old at time of her death , shot herself at their residence. Asha who was seen judging different singing competitions was in shock after knowing about her daughter's death. after Versha's death Asha is not judging any reality show and not