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Ten unknown facts about Shaista Lodhi's 2nd husband

Ten unknown facts about Shaista Lodhi's 2nd... by ncy9 shaista lodhi wedding pics by ncy9 Exclusive : Shaista Lodhi Nikah Photoshoot with... by ncy9 ProShow Web_3 by ncy9  1 Her second Husband  is her cousin too 2 its totally arrange marriage 3 Mr  Adnan Lodhi is first Pakistani proud auctioneer in Republic of South Africa. Adnan never work in Paksitani Media. 4  Shaista 's X husband who leaked her pictures on social media was the reason of their divorce as he was not comfortable with her success 5 Shaista 's kids  have accept Adnan as their dad. 6 Shaista is 43 year old now and her husband is 45 year old 7 Shaista is preparing herself for another comeback on tv ,she is dealing with biggest entertainment network in Pakistan. 8 Shaista also visit south africa before their nikkah took place.she spend some  good time in company of Adnan.