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celebrities who married to much more younger guys to them and living happily

Yasra and Abdulhadi yasra is talented and very mature actress.she c got her education from America and her most play on tv these days is Baji Irshad .During this drama Hadi proposed Yasra . Yasra who told in her interview that she is 10 years older than her future husband. He clear his stance that he is ten years younger than her !but he have no issue..If Our Prophet (S.A.W) can marry Hazrat Khadija (R.A) while there was a dfrnce ov 15 years between them..!!than why can't we..!! celebrities who are younger than their wives by ncy9 Jana and Nauman jana was only 13 year old when she started her acting career.Jana has done several hit serials and she is also a  professional actress . Nauman is 34 years old now and i dont know real age of jana but its true that jana is older than nauman. I pray for them a very happy n bless life