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Nida makes Fun of Hamza Ali Abbasi in her morning show

The Male actor Hamza Ali Abbasi who Came in Morning Show and was asked to Dance and he Instantly Said No Beacause his Mom donesnt allow him to Dance so nida replied '' Hamza Bharam Apnay Ghar chor kar aya karye" on the next day Nida make fun of Hamza with Agah Ali Aagha said in gmp k ''hero wo hota hai jo sab kuch kare ye nae k baeth k moti si awaz nikal k bole k g meri to ammi mana karti hain or nida ne bhi participate kiya tha aagha ki baat mein...or end pe jab dance ka kaha to he said I'll do it mjhe koi prob nae hai...nae yaqeen ata to us din ki video nikal k dekh len'' Good Morning Pakistan By Ary Digital - 23rd... by paktvdaily Good Morning Pakistan By Ary Digital - 23rd... by paktvdaily Good Morning Pakistan By Ary Digital - 23rd... by paktvdaily

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Mahira Khan

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Mahira Khan 1. Education Mahira Khan did her matriculation from Foundation Public School in Karachi. She then went to California for higher education when she was only 17 years old, where she studied at the University of Southern California. 2. First Job Her first job in LA was as a cashier at Rite Aid where she had to mop floors, clean toilets, run the till and shut the store at night. 3. Love at First Sight She met Ali Askari in Los Angeles and fell in love, getting married in 2007. Her father was against the decision of her marriage and felt that she was throwing her life away. 4. Career Break Mahira Khan began her career as a VJ when she was only 16 years old, hosting the live show Most Wanted three days a week on MTV Pakistan. 5. Pakistan Idol She was asked to do Pakistan Idol by Geo for which she was excited but the show never happened at the time. 6. Bol Mahira’s son was only a couple of months old w

Female died after running into burning flat to save her fiance

UK: Young architect died while rescuing his fiance from burning apartment. According to the media reports, the 23 year old Sophie Rosser used to share her apartment with fiance Oscar Silva, 28 year old. It is reported that the saddening incident took place in the region of East London. According to sources Sophie was on her way to home from Chelsea. She witnessed that her apartment was on fire. Sophie rushed to her apartment which was reported to be on the sixth floor of the building. She initially intended to rescue her fiance but she was caught under huge clouds of smoke. It is reported that she died of suffocation. In a statement read to the court, it was said that: “’A cab dropped her off at 1.37 on Sunday morning and I was asleep. Sophie called me to say there was a fire and our flat mate and I should evacuate.” The statement further added that: “The intercom sounded but I couldn’t hear who it was. The stairwell was full of smoke so we couldn’t get out. We