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why our industry keen to copy boolywood

its really very sad to see pakistani celeberites copiying all and all of indians..even our movies are following the same trends. isit was not enough ? what sort of vulgarity the indian movies are spreading it necessary that pakistani fil industry takes its responsiblity to spread vulgarity just like indians ..look at pakistani movies trailer no difference u would found b/w indian and pakistani movie even it includes the shamfull dressess and item songs.for god sake its an islamic state .did media wants to spread the image of islam to the wholeworld in this shamefull way ..or our celeberities has forgotten the name of allah and islam and has adapted the money as their only religion.just for the sake of money they would prefer it to be naked in front of allah .we really felt ashamed of our movies our celeberities our media and sometimes even oureselves.the non muslims are trying to uproot us and we are feeling happy to be oky with it . at least dont violate the norms of our society