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Reality Shows of Pakistan

Reality Shows of Pakistan In our last article we have told you about Pakistan fashion industry. Now, in this article we are going to tell you about the Reality shows of Pakistan. What purposes to have reality shows in Pakistan what could possibly they mean to us and with that what we can gain? We have the answer for you today the social media is growing rapidly with every news channel has its own reality shows, talk shows where they call some of the big journalists of our country to come here and talk openly to make people realize the bitter truth of their reality. Just like that there are some cities of Pakistan where they held the reality shows of Pakistan to invite the talented people of our own industry to give them a specific platform to show their potential skills. We are in so many ways very far from other countries when it comes to show talented in every field. Basically, the main reason to have reality show in Pakistan is to promote its own people who have some kind of

Pakistani Movies

Pakistani Movies In our last article we have told you about the Pakistani dramas. Now, in this article we are going to tell you about Pakistani movies. There was a time when Pakistani movies were so great and were get praised by everyone in the industry the actors who work in the films were talented and incredibly versatile, but due to the circumstances in the film industry these movies were not doing some good business that’s because not to have the proper way of filming the investors were not investing in the Pakistani movies because what they want they it was not something they can give to the audiences so enjoy. There had been a glorious times when Pakistani Movies had a remarkably high viewer ship. Many people were greatly fond of with the refined and superior quality of the movies and the melodious music. But where all this lost today? The main reason behind this problem is that we have moved very far away from our culture. You might say that it is in human nature that on

Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani Dramas In this article we are going to tell you about Pakistani Dramas. Where we are going to tell you about its past and present condition of the Pakistani dramas. Where there was a time when these dramas were very dear to our hearts and hold a very special place in the heart of the Pakistan’s people. Because Pakistani dramas were totally based on true reality of the life. Where they have to give awareness to the nation of what is happening in the world. Pakistani Dramas are totally based on the true incident of life of the people. That time the industry was not so much established because of the lack of the knowledge and wisdom, there was a specific audience that were so attracted to the dramas where some people love to see family based shows and some love to watch love story based shows, mostly that audience was belong to the middle class families who love to see their favorite iconic actors in the old dramas. Their performances were so real and original that they

Pakistani celebrities who caught Drinking alcohol

Pakistani celebrities who caught Drinking alcohol In this article we are going to tell you about some of the Pakistani celebrities who were caught drinking alcohol in recent events. Today, there are many trends that have been followed from one generation to another, like most of us likes to copy Hollywood and of what they do especially in India where alcohol is considered to be used in their daily life routine. We want to tell our readers that after drinking are really bad for our lives. But in Pakistan it has been taking like some sort of like drinking soda thing, now, many of you are thinking that drinking alcohol were only seen in the movies and in dramas where there was no such thing reality in it. But today after many reviews and obligations it has been seen that now drinking alcohol is also been used in real life. The Pakistani celebrities who caught drinking alcohol they have been seen public, in any live show or concert some of them might do to impress their producers o

Indian actresses who smokes in real life

Indian actresses who smokes in real life In this article we are going to tell you about some of the Indian actresses who smokes in real life. We have seen many actresses in the on screen smoking and drinking at the same time in many movies. Some of them are big and some or from local drams and reality shows, but the question are they really a smoker in real life as well? In a recent interview there have been seen that these actresses were interviewed by many of the media to uncover the truth because if a man smokes than no one has any question about it, but if a women do it than it is really a bad shame. These famous actresses say that they were fond of smoking in public everywhere they go. There are many famous and talented actresses of Indian cinema that are related to showbiz and were caught smoking in their vanity van On the day of every shoot whether that go to a market or in some ceremonies they always being spotted carrying a packet of cigarette in their hands. We were j