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see the activities of Pakistani celebrities during the month Ramzan

Most of the Pakistani celebrities are busy in doing Ramazan transmission for several tv channels. As we know that showbiz corner is famous for parties so in the month of holy Ramazan there are so many celebrities who arrange Aftar Parties and get togethers where people from showbiz circle meet and enjoy but there are also few name who avoid all the showbiz activities like Arij Fatyma who has dedicate this whole month  of Ramazan for analizing her life and herself! she decided to stop working in the month of Ramadan and more concentrate on blessings of this holy month.! Allah bless you Arij and i also want to mention the name of Sanam Baloch who always cover her head. Here i have upload some pictures of our stars who are enjoying at aftar Parties Mawra hussain enjoying sheesha at Nomi Ansari's iftar party !   Mawra Mehwish & Azfar in a iftar Party! Ahsan khan is busy in his Ramazan transmission for Hum tv  Syra Shehroz whith duaghter of Saleem Shaikh p

Celebrities who left fame and became close to religion Islam

Celebrities who left fame and became close to... by ncy9 celeb then and now by ncy9 Sheraz Uppal(former singer) Saed Anwar(former cricketer Arifa Siddique(former tv and stage actress) Inzamam Ul Haq(former player of Pakistan cricket team) Junaid Jamshed(former singer) Ali Haider(former singer and tv actor) Sataish Khan(former actress and singer) Sara Cughdry(former actress)